recipe: trailer trash cosmo

RECIPE AT THE TOP ALWAYS 2 ounces vodka 1 ounce cranberry juice 1 ounce orange juice 2 handfuls of ice pour all ingredients (incl. ice) into a container that has an air-tight lid. DO NOT USE A SHAKER. Use a Tupperware or your protein shaker or even a ziploc bag. Cocktail shakers are for non-trailer … Continue reading recipe: trailer trash cosmo

recipe: trailer trash truffles

RECIPE AT THE TOP ALWAYS. Ingredients: leftover desserts chocolate for melting (leftover or otherwise) sprinkles for decorating and to make the truffles look less trailer-trash Take all leftover desserts out of your freezer -- for me, I had: a third of a Christmas Yule log cake about a quarter of a crepe layer-cake several handfuls … Continue reading recipe: trailer trash truffles