celebrity series #15: Justin Trudeau

It only seemed appropriate to emulate our Prime Minister's workout the week of Canada Day. Naturally, I couldn't find his actual workout online (it would somehow seem inappropriate if his workout were detailed online), but the evidence of his physical fitness is everywhere. Top finds were: Justin Trudeau running Justin Trudeau surfing Justin Trudeau peacock … Continue reading celebrity series #15: Justin Trudeau

celebrity series #14: all the Chrises

After we went through the Chris Pratt workout, the discussion turned to all the other famous Chrises. There are loads. Because of time restraints, I had to choose just four --¬†four Chrises, four rounds. Obviously we could eliminate Chris Pratt because we already did him (that's what she said). And any female Chris' (or Kris) … Continue reading celebrity series #14: all the Chrises